Maintenance contracts

Proper roof maintenance helps to address small problems before they become big problems.

Proper flat roof maintenance helps to address small problems before they become big problems.

The concept is simple: spend a little money to save a lot.

A well-planned preventive maintenance program coupled with a thorough inspection on a regular basis will add years of useful life to your flat roof. Atlantic Roofers will work with you to select an appropriate Atlantic Maintenance Contract to safeguard your roof and extend its life.

Atlantic Roofers 9-Point Maintenance Process

Along with a visual inspection, Atlantic Roofers can perform an infrared roof survey using thermographic technology. We will diagnose the current state of your roof, identify potential problem areas and thermal performance issues.

Our twice-yearly 6-point maintenance packages include the following steps:

  1. Inspect the condition of the entire roof using cutting edge diagnostic technology
  2. Fill depleted pitch pans with rubberized mastic cement
  3. Clean roof area and remove debris on rooftop, drains, and gutters
  4. Resecure loose metal flashing
  5. Repair voids in existing caulking
  6. Replace any missing telescopic vent stack covers

Following inspection and repair, you will receive an Atlantic Roofers Rooftop Report, which:

  • documents the completion of the maintenance checklist
  • provides a triage report of any problem areas that need to be repaired immediately, in the short-term and mid-term, along with firm price quotations on major repair options so that you can include them in your budget planning
  • offers before, during, and after photographs of performed maintenance and trouble spots

Your roof needs some long term care?