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Atlantic Roofers is eastern Canada’s leading roofing company. With six teams across Atlantic Canada, from New Brunswick to Newfoundland, we are also the most responsive. Whether you are undertaking a new build, an emergency repair or have an old roof in need of care, you can count on Atlantic Roofers for high quality Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) roofing solutions.

Industrial Roofing

Manufacturing facilities and warehouses can’t afford injuries. What’s inside is precious and requires complete protection. When you need a roofing solution that is guaranteed to last and made of materials designed to withstand the rigours of your specific environment, we can help.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial tenants can’t afford disruption. Atlantic Roofers is in the business of providing commercial roofing solutions that enable you to stay focused on your own business. Whether you are in the planning stages of construction or in need of emergency repair, we can help.

Institutional Roofing

With institutions of all kind such as, hospitals, schools and government offices: preserving a clean, healthy and undisturbed environment is paramount. Ensure the integrity of your environment with the recognized leader in roof construction safety. We provide top tier, guaranteed institutional roofing solutions to leading institutions across Atlantic Canada.


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